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More Hotel Recommendations
June 2011


Hotel Options (in Ghana Cedis - conversion is typically around GhC1=$.72)

*Sorry that a lot of these don't have numbers to go with them. Most of the places are pretty well known to taxi drivers, though.

Greater Accra

Not a lot of us stay in hotels in Accra (or, at least places that anybody who's been out of Peace Corps with a steady job for a few years would want to stay in), so I suggest you e-mail our Safety and Security Coordinator, Richard Adzadu, to get the information on safest/reasonbly priced places. His e-mail is: radzadu@gh.peacecorps.gov. There IS, however, a guest house out in Madina run by a Ghanaian who was taught by a PCV way back when. They live in Kenya now, but opened up the house to Volunteers (and I'm sure RPCVs) for whatever the hotel reimbursement is. Right now it's about GhC17. You can call Erika to make a reservation/get the details: 0272255773

Central Region

Numerous places around Cape Coast - Might Victory, Sammo, Oasis (sorry, no numbers or prices, but they're reasonable); about 20 miles away are Brenu Beach & Kosa Beach Resort, both easy to get to and relatively inexpensive (sorry, no numbers, but I doubt booking should be a problem). There's a place before you get to Cape Coast (the name is escaping me), but it's on the main highway, and it's also got a smaller, lesser-known slave castle there. There's a hotel at/around the fort and it's reasonable. I have a number for a guy running the place, Red, and he could give you better details than I could: 0243184766.

Western Region

Manukof Hotel (sorry, no number, but it's on the main drag coming in to Takoradi). Animens is also nice (it's in the Bradt Guide) - both are around GhC45-50. There's also Green Turtle Lodge and Butre Beach/Hideout Lodge. If you want numbers for these, I can track them down, but they're just beach spots in case you want to relax. Green Turtle is much easier to get to, but I think Hideout is cooler.

Eastern Region

Not sure about Koforidua, but around our training site, Kukurantumi, there are multiple guest houses we use (Grace Adu, Oshakati, Technology) and there's a nicer hotel up the road called Royal Bleumich. Bleumich is the higher end and it's around GhC35 a night.

Volta Region

Ho area: Bob Coffie Hotel, used to be called Freedom Hotel, GhC55 and up for a private bathroom, a/c, double room and breakfast for 2 (also a pool), 0362028151, Malisel Hotel - same as Bob Coffie, but no pool, 0362026161
Hohoe area: Taste Lodge, GhC40 for a double room w/ a/c and a private bath (0362722023 - and you know they're fancy if they have a landline!), Geduld Hote (GhC40 and up, but a little further away from center of town, same amenities) 0362722177
Nkwanta area: there's the Kyabobo Guest House (contact Vanessa Waters on FB for the number) or Hotel Kilamanjaro (in the Bradt Guide)

Brong-Ahafo Region

Don't have a lot for this place, but just outside of Techiman is the Kristo-Buase Monestary. It's amazing. GhC15 per night, you get breakfast and dinner (mild ones, these are monks we're talking about). It's a quick cab ride from the station (about GhC3-5 for a drop and you'll want that, unless you want to carry your luggage about 2k off the road into the woods). Their numbers are: 0242801900 and 0242205592. I recommend you call before - or text. The signal is bad out there and Friar Giles or whoever is manning the cell will call you back to set up a reservation.

Ashanti Region

If you're coming from Accra, just before you hit the main part of town, in the Oforukrum area, is a hotel called Owass. It's right across the street from the Kumasi Sub-Office (KSO). You can tell the bus driver you want to alight at Pideck (sounds like Pee Deck) and Owass is right there. They have rooms for GhC15 and up, there's a lot of little chop places right around (Naomi's rice is the best - she has a little yellow tin hut up near the round about). Their number is 0205110374 or 0208806104. There's also Guestline Lodge near the STC station (it's apparently within walking distance, but there are cabs waiting outside that would know the place, because it's so close, I wouldn't pay more than GhC2 for them to drop you). They have rooms from GhC8-39, so you'll have a wide range of choices. Their number is 0322022128.

Northern Region

Las Hotel and Hamdallah Inn are your best cheap bet. They have rooms from GhC15 and up with Hamdallah being more high-end. They're right next to each other. Also Gariba Lodge is nice, about GhC75 a night and up. They're both on the main drag (in opposite directions) and any cab driver can take you there from the STC station for 50 pesewas (it's a line car! Don't get fooled into a drop taxi! :)). You shouldn't have any trouble getting a room there mid-week.

Upper West Region

Wa: ISTC has rooms from GhC18-70, Uplands (GhC60-80) and Kunath Lodge at GhC20 and up. Hotel du Pond is around GhC10 per night. You get what you pay for with that one. :)

Upper East Region

I actually don't have any numbers or suggestions for Bolga. The places we've all stayed are pretty sub-par and I'd be embarrassed to recommend them. However, there is an STC yard so you can get a bus straight there from Accra and then they should be able to recommend something at the station. Sorry-o.