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Peace Corps Ghana Calabash
April 2011


Calabash 1 of 5

Welcome to the first Calabash. This calabash commemorates the first 10 years of Peace Corps in Ghana, the 1960's. The calabash was shared by a small group of Peace Corps Ghana stakeholders during small ceremonies held in Ghana and Washington D.C. Participants eulogized Sargent Shriver, toasted in commemoration of the founding of the agency, and discussed the legacy of peace and friendship in Peace Corps in Ghana.

In the 1960's:

  • U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed the Executive Order creating the Peace Corps on 1 March 1961.
  • Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, President of Ghana, requests the assistance of Peace Corps and directs his Minister of Foreign Affairs to sign the Peace Corps Program Agreement between Ghana and the United Sates of America on 19 July 1961.
  • Peace Corps Volunteers start training in the U.S.
  • George Carter is the first Country Director of Ghana.
  • 50 Volunteers (PCVs), the very first in the world, arrive in Ghana on 30 August 1961.
  • Peace Corps partners with the Ghana Ministry of Education and the first PCVs work as Teachers.
  • PCVs are assigned to the Geological Department and conduct geologic surveys starting in 1963.
  • PCVs assist the Ghana national Sports Council in 1968.
  • PCVs start to teach in Special Education programs. Ghana becomes the first African Country to have Special Olympics.
  • PC Ghana's first deaf PCV teaches at the Mampong School for the Deaf and paves the way for non-deaf PCVs to teach at deaf schools.
  • Over 100 - 200 PCVs serve in the field.

Ghana National Radio Broadcast

Each week, key people are giving interviews on Radio Gold (FM 90.5) about their personal experiences with Peace Corps in Ghana. So far, Mike Koffman, PC Ghana Country Director, John Adippa, APCD for Health and Water Sanitation, Joseph "Joe Bee" Boamah, APCD for Education, and Nancy Haggarty, PCV in Deaf Art Education, have provided their testimony about Peace Corps across the airwaves. We hope to have more PCVs, counterparts, RPCVs, and other candidates provide interviews as well. Contact us if you are interested in giving a radio interview.

Internet Media Campaign

You can join several of our PCV social internet sites designed to provide information about Peace Corps Ghana during our 50th anniversary. Please find, friend, join, or follow us on:

History Archives

PCVs are still working on collecting and organizing our history. They are gathering testimony, pictures, video, and artifacts from years past. Please contact us with what you have to share. Give us a few thoughts or tid-bits about your service that we may use as quotes in our social media campaign. Please be part of this project as we document our 50 year history, respond!

Handcraft 50th Anniversary Commemorative Products

PCVs and their counterparts have developed kente strips, jewelry, woodcarvings, brass items and more to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps in Ghana. These are available for local purchase only at this time. They will be displayed during 50th Anniversary events in Ghana. Proceeds go to PCV community projects. Contact us for more information.

Peace Corps Outreach

We are developing Peace Corps Ghana 50th Anniversary informational tools specifically for community outreach, site development, and community recognition activities over the next several years. PCVs and RPCVs in Ghana are encouraged to disseminate these informational resources as they travel around Ghana, visit their sites, and talk about Peace Corps. 

Local Event Schedule

  • March, 2011: 1st Calabash (National Peace Corps Month - "The Start of our Agency") Accra and Washington D.C.
  • April 26, 2011: 2nd Calabash (Earth Day Service Activities - "Growing our Mission") Accra.
  • April 2011: COS Conference, Group of 2009-2011.
  • May 4 (afternoon): All Volunteer Conference. 50th Anniversary toast and trade fair. Chances Hotel in Ho, Volta Region.
  • June 8, 2011: 70 new trainees arrive. Accra.
  • June, 2011: 3rd Calabash (Kumasi Peace Corps Sub Office mural and digital library launching - "Building our Capacity"). Kumasi (more info TBD).
  • July or August, 2011: 4th Calabash (Tamale Peace Corps Sub Office mural dedication and Northern Region site development - "By the Crooked Tree"). Tamale/Bolgatanga, UER. (more info TBD).
  • August 30, 2011: Swearing In Ceremony of Group 50 (and 5th Calabash "Pouring Libation"). Accra.

Please email us if you are interested in attending or participating in any of these events.

REMEMBER, our Peace Corps budget is humble; we cannot offer to help with any costs. But we can invite you to join us!