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About Us

Friends of Ghana is a non-profit and NPCA-affiliated organization. We welcome current volunteers, returned volunteers, Peace Corps staff, and other friends of Ghana.

Our mission is to:

  • To help promote a better understanding of the Ghanaian people on the part of Americans.
  • Establish Friends of Ghana as the essential resource for and about the Peace Corps Ghana community.
  • Enable our members to build upon and extend their Peace Corps experience and values by facilitating their engagement in Ghanaian issues.

Private Policy

Click here for more information on the Friends of Ghana privacy policy.


Frank Yates ('73-'76)
Sunrise Beach, MO
Vice President
Stephanie Arnold ('93-'96)
Kampala, Uganda
Debby Prigal ('81-'83)
Washington, DC

Other Leaders

Database Guru
Ron Yamamoto ('82-'84)
Watsonville, CA
Newsletter Editor
Ken Autrey ('67-'69)
Columbia, SC
Newsletter Layout
Roger Myers ('69-'72)
Arvada, CO
Mary Jayne Cassidy ('05-'07)
Washington, DC